The Loft

One of my absolute favorite places to shop is The Loft, which is already quite popular and well known. They have been featured on Meta Makeover, and their high quality furniture and lighting can be found in various shops throughout Second Life.

When you first arrive and the landing point, you will find a Subscribe-0-Matic kiosk just outside the door to your left. There is also a $1L section that offers three different pre-fabs: Small Pink Store, Subway, and Theatre. There is also an entire living room set called Catero Living Room. This includes a sofa, two chairs, two end tables, a coffee table, two lamps, two pictures, a rug, and a candle set. The color scheme is black, red and white and the sofa and chairs have very cool menu driven animations, so you don’t have to look at pose balls.

Colleen Desmoulins has just released an outdoor set, called Molinari Outdoor Set Dark. (They also have one in another optional color). The set looks very nice and to be honest, I have most of it in one of the rooms in our house. There is a two-section Daybed, rug, coffee table, decorative screen, two footstools, planter, candles and a magazine stack that makes for a nice touch. You can buy the pieces individually, or save 10% by buying the entire set.

Speaking of candles, there is a free (take copy) set of white ones next to the Molinari display.



~ by Nika Dreamscape on August 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Loft”

  1. Many congratulations on your launch – and on your kind words about Prim Perfect and Meta Makeover. Is it all right with you if I add you to our blog lists?

  2. Thank you very much. 🙂 And I would love it if you add me to the blog lists. I plan on putting together a blog roll this weekend, and will certainly have both Prim Perfect and Meta Makeover listed there.

  3. Just one comment. I bought some beach chair/reclining something thingys there. And damn. They are complicated. You can set a pose and position it for your avatar, and you can choose if the menu can be accessed by owner, group, or all, and even whether the poseball (whether or not you can sit on it) can be accessed by owner, group, or all. But the menus for setting it up are not clear, and quite frankly.. it’s a chair. I’ll read a manual for primsitter or for an update server to push updates on stuff out to customers. If I start needing one for a chair, I’m thinking.. yeah. Not so much.

    They do have good looking stuff though, and I bought their small skybox to use as a small office while working on scripts and stuff. It’s not bad.

  4. Nika, congrats on your new blog and thank you very much for your post about the Loft. I am really looking forward to reading it. Radar if you ever need help with understanding any of the menus then feel free to IM anyone of us at the LOFT. What you are referring to is furniture using the MLP scripts, which are quite common around SL. The majority of our furniture is just a straight sit and chose pose. We like to offer items for couples so this is where MLP comes in and these comes with animations already position just for you to sit, you will only need the other items you described if you wanted to make changes to your furniture and we have found that customers usually like those choices.

  5. The Loft- Thanks! I added you to the blogroll, as well.

  6. i played some more with the chairs tonight, and the MLP system does nothing but annoy me off, frankly.

  7. […] ago Nika Dreamscape of Diamonds and Rust featured The Loft on her excellent and informative blog, Second Homes. Being the supportive type that I am, I went and looked at their store, and I found some stuff I […]

  8. Tonight Colleen Desmoulins from The Loft got back to me and gave me two copies of the loungers that worked correctly. Much better. Then, better yet, she made two new ones that have a MUCH more simplified menu system in them, and you can just choose a pose from the menu without all the other hassles. THAT’s what I wanted.

    Huge thanks to her for the great customer service and also a note that they are now selling the simpler version in the store as well.


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